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Monday, April 26, 2021

Wrongs: Lamentations: Prayer and Poetry

 Reading: Lamentations: 1:18-22: "The Lord is righteous; For I have rebelled against His command; .... My Spirit is greatly troubled; My heart is overturned within me; ... For all my transgressions; For my groans are many, and my heart is faint."


Sometimes we often see the Lord's light only as bringing hope and healing, which it does, through Him. But sometimes light is also needed to bring us out of our wrongs as well.

So that we can recognize them as the danger they are. So that we can seek to repent and be made clean and whole despite our brokenness.

Any relationship needs total honesty. And the Lord already knows all of us from the inside out.

And He is the only one who can fully restore our hearts and our lives--no matter how shattered.

Lord, please help us to see what we are still hiding from ourselves, or refusing to acknowledge as sin. Then bring us to fully seek Your word and choose Your forgiveness. And then become Your lights when You send us.

Your thoughts, 

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