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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Reflection: Wrath: Lamentations: Prayers and Poetry

 Reflection Questions:

                1. Have you ever experienced completer silence from God in the wake of personal destruction whether of your own making or not?

                2. How did you react to the silence? Did it feel like more betrayal? Or punishment? Or confusion?

                3. Why is silence more difficult to handle than outright accusations?

                4. What does God's wrath over Jerusalem's actions tell us about His love?

Share: When did you personally remember God's forgiveness?

Monday, May 3, 2021

Wrath: Lamentations: Prayers and Poetry

Reading: Lamentations: 2:1-6: "How the Lord has covered...With a cloud in His anger!...The Lord has swallowed up; He  has not spared All the habitants of Jacob...In fierce anger he has cut off All the strength of Israel; ...The Lord has become like an enemy."


Lord, too often we forget that, like our earthly parents did, we still cross the line. And then experience anger and consequences in our rebellion.

We cannot ignore our sins and actions and try to blame others.

But even in Your anger You remain present to turn us back to Your love. To guide us to recognize our vulnerability is a reminder to stay on Your path only.

Without Your presence Lord, we sin.

Show us, we pray, how to be honest before You in all our thoughts and actions.

So that we will walk in faith on whatever path You choose for us.

Your thoughts,
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