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Monday, April 5, 2021

Wither: Lamentations: Prayers and Poetry

 Reading: Lamentations 1:3-7: "Judah has gone into exile...The roads of Zion are in mourning...All her gates are desolate...Her enemies prosper...In the days of her affliction and homelessness Jerusalem remembers all her precious things that were from the days of old...".


Sometimes, or maybe too often, we forget to seek through the past as well as the present to see links. Again and again world wide throughout the centuries countries have become desolate by wars and lies and disease. And now pandemic.

Yet we still look only at the outer destruction and often ignore the parts of ourselves that have already become separated from the Lord--until we come into danger.

At some level each of us needs to recognize our emptiness to be restored to His 'city'. To be restored to the home His has chosen for us, heart home, both here and when time to move to heaven.

Lord, we ask You to give us insight and courage to live into Your truth in all circumstances and not let go.

And then share with those around us Your truth and guidance. Your heart home. With compassion and trust and faith.

Your thoughts,

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