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Monday, March 15, 2021

And The Glory: Prayers and Poetry

And The Glory

Matthew 6:13: "and the power and the glory,"


One Biblical concordance defines some glory phrases as "honor, worship, exalted, great, splendor, and exalt."

Except whenever we are referring to nature it feels like the Bible's insight into the concept of glory is much deeper and powerful than our current use or understanding.

We tend to tune in to understanding basic power because whenever it is used humanly, honestly or not, we acknowledge the wide range of man-made interpretations. We recognize how different and higher the quality of use is according to who is wielding it.

And we also know that no one can reach the Lord's realm of power. Thankfully!

But true glory--Biblical definition glory--seems far away from our comprehension. As magnificent glory that we do not recognize when experienced it seems so much less in comparison to a tiny drop of God's glory.

Yet in this prayer Jesus includes us as recipients of earthly and heavenly glory.

What might that look like?

Your thoughts,

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