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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Bird Struck! Hawk

Family Devotional

Day Nineteen

“But blessed are your eyes, because they see; and your ears, because they hear.” Matthew 13:16

Hawks have precise vision. They can see from a distance eight times clearer than people. Some have been measured from as far away as a mile. They are also ferocious hunters and swoop down on their prey almost in an instant. In ancient times men often used hawks to hunt for them. A hawk that became attached to a master loved him and would always return.

Jesus asks us to see the world through His eyes. Only we are not to swoop and hurt like a hunter, but rather to see with love and understanding.

It takes a special perspective to see past actions and attitudes that to recognize someone who needs a friend. Or who needs a kind word. Sometimes all we can see are people acting grumpy or sarcastic, and it annoys us. But maybe it is because they are hurting inside because of mean words or a problem they don’t know how to fix.

However Jesus can see what is in each person’s heart. When we are willing to be His servants, He will show us who to talk to and give us the right words to say.

And when we are tired and confused ourselves, we know we can return to Him and find rest. In Psalm 23 the psalmist says He restores our souls.

1. In a safe place at home try putting some wax paper or see-through paper over your eyes and look around the room. What can you see clearly and what is blurry?

2. Over dinner wear a set of earmuffs and don’t talk but try to listen to the conversation around you. How many words do you have trouble hearing correctly?

3. Choose two days at school this week and for the whole day say something nice to whomever you talk to, especially if they are rude to you.

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