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Monday, September 10, 2018

Sorrow: Grace in the Wilderness: Prayers and Poetry

Jeremiah 31:15, “Thus says the Lord, ‘A voice is heard in Ramah, Lamentation and bitter weeping. Rachel is weeping for her children; She refuses to be comforted for her children; Because they are no more.’”

A voice is heard.

Jesus wept over Lazarus. He wept in sorrow over Jerusalem. He wept in the Garden of Gethesmane. Even in the hope He prepared for.

Lamentation. Loss. Need to be acknowledged, including the bitterness, in order to mourn in faith. To shout and scream and cry and stagger at death and disease and brokenness. Not bury.

“A time to weep and a time to laugh; A time to mourn and a time to dance. A time to throw stones and a time to gather stones; A time to embrace and a time to shun embracing.” Ecclesiastes 3:4-5 (NASB)

If we cannot weep out our grief we open the door to anger and deceit and condemnation and unforgiveness that causes even more destruction.

Lord, please show us how to mourn in prayer and trust. Show us how to hope through the sorrow of our weeping into Your healing grace.

Your thoughts,

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