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Monday, November 7, 2022

Actions: 2 Peter: Prayers and Poetry

2nd Peter 2:17-19: "These people are dried-up river beds, waterless clouds, pushed along by stormy winds--the deepest darkness of gloom has been prepared for them. They spout off with their grandiose, impressive nonsense. Consumed with the lusts of the flesh, they lure back into sin those who recently escaped from their error. They promised others freedom, yet they themselves are slaves to corruption, for people are slaves to whatever overcomes them."


Lord, if there is anything that is overcoming us and keeping us from Your path please show us and take it away.

We can so easily slip into distance by worries and fears instead of going to You first.

We ask to be on Your path as Your child. We ask to live into Your light in all circumstances.

May we be overcome by Your truth and guidance and call instead so that our hearts are in holy action.

Thank you for Your gift of ongoing protection of our souls regardless of all our failures. Please continue to guide and protect all who are drifting and show us how to walk the path where we can also break the chains others are held by.

We ask to be in Your purpose and protection.

Your thoughts,

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