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Monday, February 21, 2022

Cornerstone: 1 Peter: Prayers and Poetry

 Reading: 1 Peter 2: 5-7: "Come and be His "living stones" who are continually being assembled into a sanctuary for God. For now you serve as holy priests offering up spiritual sacrifices that He readily accepts through Jesus Christ. For it says in Scripture: Look! I lay a cornerstone in Zion; a chosen and priceless stone! And whoever believes in Him will certainly not be disappointed. As believers you know His great worth--indeed, His preciousness is imparted to you. But for those who do not believe: The stone that the builders rejected and discarded has now become the cornerstone."


We need a solid cornerstone every day. One that is centered on truth and purpose and direction so we can grow within ourselves, and share real hope with others.

His insight every day will guide us into becoming a living stone too that will fill us with spiritual insight.

Thank you Lord for dissolving the harsh stones within us that linger, and instead continue to show us how to recognize the living sanctuary You have prepared for each one.

Your mercy of Your stone every day.

Your thoughts, 

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