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Monday, February 15, 2021

As We Forgive: Prayers and Poetry

 Matthew 6:12: "As we forgive them that trespass against us." (or our debts)


Every time. Over and over. From our hearts.

Whether debts, of false accusations, or lies, or hatred, or condemnation.

In his study of parables, Herbert Lockyer shares that: "The word forgive actually means 'forth-give,' that is, to dismiss absolutely from thought."

No grudges. No retaliation. No gossip. No revenge.

One of the most detailed and well-known parable from Jesus is in His response to Peter's question as to how we must forgive another. "Up to seven times?" Seventy times seven was the answer.

Then Jesus shared the story of a man who had been forgiven an enormous debt from the king. But when released he in turn sent a fellow slave, who owed him a much smaller amount, into prison. When the king heard he became extremely angry at the man's lack of mercy and wickedness to another, and so removed his decree and sent him to the torturers. Matthew 18:21-35

In Luke 7:1-4, Jesus again reminds His disciples that repentance is ongoing and to be on guard to forgive. No matter how many times.

Lockyer also shares that: "The truth unfolded in the parable, then, is that forgiveness must be, as it is with God, a constant attitude."

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