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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Faith Seeds: Prayers and Poetry Introduction

As we continue this journey to grasp what it means, “to lay aside the old self…and put on the new self,” we come to the often-invisible realm of faith. What does a life of faith look like? How do we live in its hope? What is God’s definition of hope and faith?

We often look for assurance every day of our lives, assurance that we are wanted, loved, appreciated. We desire a confirmation of our value, our work, and ourselves. Yet we are looking for assurance that can be seen. We hope—yes—but for a concrete response.

Faith calls us deeper. To conviction. To trust. To care with or without a smile in return. To labor without encouragement. To act in conviction of our beliefs and our hearts. To act the same whether in solitude or company, in joy or despair. To act with expectation that the Holy Spirit will interact within and through us.

Sometimes it seems our faith is strong. Sometimes we only have faint glimpses of light. It takes time to take a firm root in us and we usually want to see results quicker, when we really need to go slower. So this study unfolds as seeds. Mondays we will reflect on a scripture passage. Wednesdays consider meditative questions. Fridays respond with poetry.

Thank you for continuing to explore. As you discover your own questions and insights, prose and prayers, please share.

Lord, we long for a faith based on Your unseen realities.

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